New Products Spring 2019

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New Products Spring 2019

We've added several new product lines this spring.  From Ecuador, we have hand carved marble animal figurines.  Turtles, elephants, pigs and more!  Watch our video on Facebook as these skilled craftsmen create the animals from blocks of stone.

Hand Carving Marble Animal Figurines In Action 

Also hand crafted, we've added tin metal animal sculptures from Bali.  These talented artists cut tin steel sheets to create whimsical critters that are all hand painted.  With many sizes and animals to choose from, there is sure to be something to delight you!

And coming up soon, a wide array of hand blown glass animals from Ukraine.  Masters of their craft, these glass blowers have been creating lampwork animals for over 15 years in their studio.  Previously available in Europe, these are a newcomer to the US.  You'll be amazed at the detail achieved by these fabulous artisans.