Bobcat Hand Carved Ironwood Wood Figurine 4.25"L

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Bobcat hand carved wood figurine

Every carving is unique*, and no two pieces are alike.

*Each animal may measure slightly larger or smaller than dimensions stated, position of head can vary, and color ranges from dark to light wood with variable grain patterns.

Picture is representative of the 4" long size bobcat figurine

  • Height:  2.75 inches

  • Length:  4.25 inches

  • Width:  1.25 inches

  • Material:  Wood

  • Origin:  Made in USA

Ironwood carving is a unique form of art from the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona and Northern Mexico. It was handcrafted from desert Ironwood, a very dense and heavy wood of intriguing origin.

To be suitable for carving, the wood must be exposed to the extremes of the climatic conditions that exist only in the desert. Years of exposure in this hot, dry environment cause the natural resins to collect, condense and cure, thus transforming the wood into very dense and heavy Ironwood. The government has prohibited the harvesting of living Ironwood trees, causing the artisans to search extensively for naturally fallen trees. No green wood is suitable or used for carving.