Emerald Green Time Dragon With Cat Fairy Figurine Statue 8.5"H

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Time Dragon Figurine

From Veronese Design Studio Collection, this fantasy Dragon figurine is from the fantastic imagination of highly talented fantasy artist Rose Khan. In a subterranean cavern, a green pillar rises from a blue pool of water, holding a crystalline platform with hanging stalactites. On the platform is an emerald green dragon clutching a green clock in his front claw. The clock dangles from a brass chain above the water. The dragon gazes back at a winged cat. Cast in high quality polystone resin and beautifully hand-painted, this Dragon brings an air of mystery and enchantment to any space.

  • Height:  8.5 inches

  • Length:  6.5 inches

  • Width:  7.5 inches

  • Material:  Polystone