Fairy In Water "Fishing For Riddles" Figurine By Selina Fenech 6.25"H

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Fishing for Riddles Fairy With Key

This enchanting figurine comes from the imagination of internationally recognized Fantasy artist Selina Fenech. Knee-deep in an enchanting pool of water, this Fairy’s delicate clear wings unfold above her as she leans forward. Her long white hair with hints of blue reflect the color of the pool. From her right hand, a mysterious brass key hangs from a cord, but her gaze is fixed on the water as if still searching for something else. Cast in the finest polystone resin and painstakingly hand painted, this piece is perfect for adding a fantasy theme to any mantelpiece. F rom the Veronese Design "Realm of the Unicorn" Studio Collection.

  • Height:  6.25 inches

  • Length:  5.25 inches

  • Material:  Polystone