Hummingbirds Orchard Suncatcher Hand Painted Glass By AMIA Studios 8.75" x 6.5"

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"Hummingbirds Orchard" Suncatcher - Hand Painted Glass by AMIA Studios

  • Height:  8.75 inches
  • Width:  6.5 inches
To assure the quality of its products, AMIA manufactures its own glass. It is the only company using 'ripple glass', a natural surfaced textured glass that has a gentle rolling wave appearance similar to cathedral glass. Once produced, the glass is painted by hand with the world's highest-quality paints.  AMIA glass giftware is created by licensed artists and skilled studio artisans, with an emphasis on authenticity of design, carefully selected colors and manufacturing details such as chroming all Suncatchers' framework for a sparkling finish.