Sapphire Sentinel Blue Dragon Figurine Statue By Andrew Bill 10"H

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Sapphire Sentinel Blue Dragon Figurine by Andrew Bill

From Veronese Design Studios "Nemesis Now" Collection, this fantastic Dragon figurine is the work of master sculptor Andrew Bill. Climbing over a rocky formation with the fossilized remains of a reptilian creature, this colossal Dragon leers downwards with icy lilac and blue wings raised high in a threat display. A cold ridge runs down his back with vicious blue protruding spikes resembling the points of gemstones. The long, thin tail curls at the base of their perch. Cast in high quality polystone resin and beautifully hand-painted, this Dragon brings a sense of majesty to any home.

  • Height:  10 inches

  • Length:  5.25 inches

  • Material:  Polystone and resin