Witch With Cauldron of Spirits Skulls Figurine Statue LED 9.25"H

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"Damnation" by Melanie Delon

From the dark fantasy world of freelance artist Melanie Delon comes this witch with cauldron of spirits entitled Damnation. Her somber eyes stare at you as she draws the morbid skulls upward in smoke. She is draped in black with a high red collar and long flowing sleeves that nearly encompass the cauldron. An LED light gives an eerie glow to the Sorceress' spiritual brew. Cast in high quality polystone resin and painstakingly hand-painted, this incredibly detailed figurine is an impressive addition to any home decor.

  • Height:  9.25 inches

  • Length:  6.5 inches

  • Width:  4.75 inches

  • Material:  Polystone resin